Rules & Regulations


  1. The competition organiser will be providing a bed, chair, trolley, lamp, neck pillow, blanket and disposable bed roll. Each participant will have to bring their own products, tools, magnifying glasses if necessary and anything else is required for each nomination.
  2. Competitors MUST bring their own model for each category entered. Organiser of the event is not obligated to provide a model however if the contestant is travelling from abroad, a model can be arranged on request – subject to individual agreement with £30 surcharge.
  3. Organiser doesn’t take any responsibility regarding patch test on model or condition of models lashes. This is responsibility of the competitor.
  4. All contestants and models should arrive in time according to the schedule and have clearly displayed given badge in order to enter the competition.
  5. Competitors are obligated to wait until start of competition is announced and finish their work once signal “stop” is given.
  6. Organiser hold rights to disqualify and remove contestant from the list of participant whom disobey rules and regulations.
  7. NO ONE including competitors or models or even judges is allowed to share publicly on any kind of media photo or video footage from the event including selfies, badges codes etc. Until each nomination is judged and finished. Failure to comply will disqualify contestant/model or judge. Please help us to make this competition honest and totally blind!
  8. Models eyelashes will be checked by the organisers for any damage, redness or irritations. If necessary an additional note will be made in the contestant file. Eye make-up is strictly forbidden.
  9. Participants must wear an appropriate clothing. Their hair must be tied back and a face mask should be worn for the hygiene reasons.
  10. ONLY Black adhesive must be used unless stated otherwise (except coloured lashes category.)
  11. Pre made fans, strip lashes, or any kind of decorations is not allowed,
  12. During competition contestants are not allowed to leave the competition area without permission being  granted by the organiser.
  13. Competitors are not allowed to speak loudly, use mobile phone or chat with other competitors during competition.
  14. At the end of each nomination, when the time is called to stop, all contestants must stop working and rapidly clean the space and leave competition area. Competitors are not allowed in the room during judging process.
  15. Each model must remain for 1-2 hours in the room for judging and hold a spare pack of under eye pads. After the judging process models must go to the photos shoot area, where professional photos will be taken.
  16. Copies of the evaluation sheets will be published at least a week after the awards. Photos of the contestants work may be used by the organiser for social media, magazines or future venue advertisements.
  17. All participants will be granted with certificates of attendance. Winners will receive valuable prize and their achievement will be announced on Strictly Come Lashes web page until next the competition takes place.
  18. Organiser hold rights to change or adjust rules and regulation at any time. All participants will be informed about these changes immediately.